October 23rd, Field of 256 Projection

Here is my latest and probably my last prediction/projection of how the field of 256 will come out tomorrow.  This is not a guaranteed outcome by any means but here’s how I came to the projection, as it stands.  We have 218 automatic qualifiers, that’s a given.  So then, we have 38 teams needed to fill out the field to reach 256.  I placed 12 Class A teams, 11 Class B Teams, 11 Class C Teams and the only 4 eligible Class D teams, sorted by the Highest Playoff Point Average, into the field.  Those teams are highlighted in Yellow.  While these are not guaranteed and just projections, tomorrow we find out for sure what the 256 official teams will be at 7PM on Fox Sports Detroit.  Here’s a link for more info.

M. Anderson

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